In the child’s regular visits to the nursery Frida are required. So that the child can integrate into the group of children, it should be at least two full days there. The child has fixed days. In exceptional cases, the children already enrolled in the crib can be additionally supported on pre-agreed care days in the crib.

Expression of Interest

If you are interested in the nursery Frida , please contact our nursery manager Priscilla Otazo 043/ 321 97 29 ( or fill out the following form so we can contact you.

Accommodation and familiarization phase

The first period in the crèche Frida is a difficult and sensitive period of life for the child and the parents. Every child needs their own acclimatization to find your way in the new environment . This initial phase, typically with daily visiting the nursery for two weeks, the educators plan and design together with the parents. The child is initially accompanied by one of the parents. This phase takes place before the planned start of care and costs likewise.

Recording conditions

The nursery Frida takes care for children whose parents can not devote full childcare. The nursery is open to all children. The care is given regardless of race, religion, nationality and income levels. It is politically neutral. The distribution of nursery places according to the following criteria: ■ First priority is given to children of which already occupy one or more siblings a place in the nursery Frida . ■ Are there more such children, the order of the date of  application decides. This is only possible after birth. ■ Second priority is given to children who are new entrants to the Kinderkrippe Frida and their parents never had a child in the nursery Frida. These are children who live in Zurich with their parents working in Zurich. The final recording is made ​​when the service agreement between the nursery and parents Frida has been signed, the accomodation is concluded and daycare is regularly serviced.


Full day (up to 18 months) 07 a.m. to 18.30 p.m. CHF 145.-

Full day (19 months to 6 years) 07 a.m. to 18.30 p.m. CHF 125.-

The prices include the entire food posts (excl. milk powder), diapers and other hygiene and personal care products as well as the material for games, crafts, painting and excursions . On signing the contract the deposit is of CHF 1’500 -.
 This amount is refundable upon termination of service contract (without interest). The nursery Frida offers daycare which is subsidized. This means that the salary is relevant for the actual cost for daycare.


The contract can be terminated with a notice period of two months of each other in writing, on the end of the calendar month . In lieu of notice will be charged the full monthly fee for the duration. In case the child’s daycare duration in the nursery does not extend to 6 months, CHF 500.00 will be charged as an administrative service charge.

Flexible days / hours

If parents want to apply for more daycare for their child in addition to their fixed days, there is such a possibility after consultation with the educator or manager. Additional hours will be conducted on a list and charged. Late pick-ups require longer working hours for supervisory staff and must be charged in addition to the fees, CHF 30.00 up to 15 minutes, CHF 50.00 from 15 minutes for each additional half hour.

Holidays / absences

Holidays and absences can not be compensated. For absences due to illness or accident (according to doctor’s certificate) the decisive tariffs will be reduced to 50 % from Day 30. From the 90th Day will reallocate the space. Individual vacation absences are the nursery management given at least one month in advance. In both cases, there is no refund of the nursery fee.

Children with disabilities

After and during consultation with management specialists for disabled children can be involved. However, a competent support and additional training of the educator must be guaranteed. It is crucial that the children groups have sufficient trained staff. Disabled children take 1.5 places. It may be called an external expert.

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