Welcome to the Kinderkrippe Frida

The Kinderkrippe Frida offers your child a professional day care with early preschool education and a careful introduction to social activities and closeness to Nature. The customized service is planned within our crib rooms, at public playgrounds and in the surrounding urban forest regarding the well being of your child. We place great emphasis on a natural diet, social activities and a constant team of educators and teachers.

The nursery has space available.

Contact our manager Priscilla Otazo for more information. Phone 043 321 97 29, or complete the following Registration form-Fridakrippe .


Kinderkrippe Frida Friedaustrasse 3 8003 Zürich Mail Telefon: 043 321 97 29

We wish a splashy summertime!

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Friedaustrasse 3
8003 Zürich
Telefon: 043 321 97 29
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