A day at Frida

In the daily routine rules and rituals are planned, so that the child finds security and support in everyday life of Frida nursery . This individual needs are taken into account the level of development. The daily schedule is carefully planned and performed. It is designed to offer a flexible structure in order to cope with the needs of children. Activities will support the promotion of children in their emotional, cognitive and motoric development. Each child is accepted and promoted in his individuality in the nursery. Special physical and emotional needs, such as sleeping, flavors and body sensations, will be discussed carefully with the parents and the educators. Below we provide a daily schedule from with exact time , as it is designed for children from 2 years of us .

Daily schedule for children from 2 years

07.30 o’clock opening of the nursery, have breakfast together
08.30 o’clock self-motivated play (unstructured)
09.00 o’clock Conclusion of the morning arrivals of children , welcome to morning circle
09.30 o’clock departure for morning walk, self-motivated play (unstructured) or work in the workshop
10.45 o’clock return from a walk, or cleaning up after working with paint, paper, etc.
hygiene of the children
11.15 o’clock singing circle and then have lunch together
12.00 o’clock oral care , hygiene of children
12.30 o’clock nap
13.30 o’clock waking the kids
14.00 o’clock afternoon walk or continue working in the workshop
15.00 o’clock Cleanup and return or interruption
15.15 o’clock singing circle and then afternoon snack
16.00 o’clock hygiene of children
16.30 o’clock self-motivated play (unstructured)
18.30 o’clock closure of the nursery, all children go home

Game experience and expression

We want to share different experiences with the children, rehearse songs, play instruments, learn, paint and knead, dress up together and play role playing games to small plays. They can play in the sandbox, frolicking with age-appropriate driving equipment, play sports and dance. We will make forest walks and park visits, and visit community centers with animals or toys. The children should also be given very specific experiences such as visiting a dinosaur museum, an artist’s studio or other institutions that are exciting for children.
 Theater and music events are regularly organized. Plays of childrens’ adventures, listening to stories and a lot of group games can be chosen. Theme weeks can focus on countries, natural or social phenomena. Children can experience complexity, when in autumn they collect leaves, learn trees’ names, rehearse appropriate songs or cultural habits in playful ways.


The varied, healthy and seasonal dishes are prepared fresh daily. We pay special attention to the use of food that are suitable for the constitution of a child.
 In the morning the children have the opportunity to eat breakfast. At lunch time we prepare different kind of meals according to age and food experience level. In the afternoon there is an afternoon snack.

Groups of children

Children are attended starting from 4 months until school entry. We form two groups of infants and children in one mixed-age group and one baby-group with a total of 17 places. Due to the high demand for infant places, it is the goal of the nursery Frida to give it a special consideration in the structure of groups.


The nursery Frida is centrally located near the Albisriederplatz on a corner of a block with a green courtyard. The direct access to the playground in the courtyard and the different rooms are ideal to using as a children’s day care institution.
Nearby there are large public green spaces such as the park Aemtlerstrasse, the cemetery Sihlfeld and the Fritschiwiese with various play options. The nearby forest around the Uetliberg is suitable for half-day trips. The accommodation is divided into an activity area with games and workshop, dressing room, office and a sleeping area with dining room and the nursery’s kitchen. Particular emphasis was placed on a child-friendly, aesthetic and selected interior. Floorplan pdf

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