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The privately run nursery Frida offers spacious rooms with their different games and experiential spaces indoors and outdoors for the full-day day care for children aged 4 months to school age .


There are 18 childcare places in two mixed-age groups.

Opening Hours

From 7.00 a.m. to 18.30 p.m. Open all year, closed only on national / cantonal holidays.

Prices / Deposit

Baby (up to 18 months) CHF 145.- per day
Toddler (from 19 months ) CHF 125.- per day

Deposit is CHF 1500 per child and charged before start. After leaving according terms of contract deposit will be refunded (without interests).

Subsidized Places

We offer subsidized places. Please note that one requirement is residency in Zurich-city. Here, with the calculator you can get yor personal subsidy quota Beitragsrechner der Stadt Zürich, and we kindly ask you to contact Schul- und Sportdepartement der Stadt Zürich for the exact quota (only after your child is born): Subventionsantrag


Babies and small children have different needs – this is taken into account in our educational work.
 A baby is familiarized to our cozy environment with two reference persons within the team, gradually to the group life. The physical and cognitive development are of main importance.
The toddler is specifically promoted in his creativity, the natural and cultural understanding , and in his social and language skills.
In arts activities, country-specific theme weeks, various games for indoors and outdoors, forest walks and adventure trips, children can act creatively, to try to discover, change, and learn in social interaction.


The crib’s team regularly organizes information evenings for parents on educational and health issues, celebrations and receptions. literature, art and music. For childrens’ birthdays or other occasions the premises of the nursery can be rented.

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