The Kinderkrippe Frida is managed by the Frida Kinderkrippen GmbH. The establishment was founded on December 5th 2013. Priscilla Otazo owner Manager of Kinderkrippe Frida, vocational teacher in General education and mother of a daughter.


The nursery Frida Kinderkrippen GmbH is funded by daycare fees.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday, from 07.00 a.m. to 18.30 p.m. The nursery keeps the doors closed : – Over the Christmas and New Year – On legal and cantonal holidays : 
Good Friday, Easter Monday, Sechseläuten, Ascension Day, Whit Monday, May 1st, August 1st, Knabenschiessen Before Good Friday and Ascension the Kinderkrippe closes at 16:00 p.m. An annual plan with holidays and closing over the Christmas / New Year is given to the parents at the beginning or at the entrance. If parents want to take care of the child in addition together with their fixed days , there is such a possibility after consultation with the teacher. Additional hours will be conducted on a list over time and charged cumulatively. Late pick-ups require longer working hours for supervisory staff and must be charged in addition to the daycare’s fee: CHF 30, – up to 15 minutes CHF 50 – from 15 minutes for each additional half hour If a child is picked up by a third party , it must be notified in good time, to either the group leader or the manager. Otherwise, the parents must be contacted by phone and we will keep the child from uncertainties.

Liability / grants

Health insurance, accident and liability insurance, of the child are the parents’ responsibility . Kinderkrippe Frida is not liable for damage or loss of personal valuables. Kinderkrippe Frida owns the necessary operating license for the management of a crèche of the city of Zurich , with a valuated validity of operation until 2018.


About currently circulating childhood diseases and other diseases we will inform the parents. The parents can not bring ill children with high fever or contagious diseases into the Kinderkrippe. If a child turns out to become sickk during his / her stay in the Kinderkrippe, parents are immediately informed and asked to pick it up as soon as possible by an immediate call of the educator / manager. Furthermore, in emergencies the educator calls directly to the respective child’s pediatrician, the medical officer of the Kinderkrippe or directly to Children’s Hospital of Zurich or the nearby Triemlispital. The educators are trained as emergency responders for infants and young children and can respond immediately should there arise a health emergency. In the event of an accident all expenses, such as taxi and emergency physician, go at the expense of the parents.

Environmental / hygiene

Regarding the hygiene the Kinderkrippe is under the control of the City’s food inspectorate. Similarly, all necessary safety precautions were made to ensure a safe day for the operation. 
The statutory construction and fire safety regulations were reviewed and approved by the building authorities and fire police on 7.9.09. Hygienic preventive measures are taken daily and situatively on a regular term.

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