The child learns to respect in dealing with people, animals and nature.
The child is supported in his creativity.
The child learns to know his own and foreign cultures.
The child is accompanied in his independence.
The child can develop and strengthen his personality freely.
The child learns social behavior within a group.

Our educational concept

The nursery Frida offers a quiet and tranquil environment to infants and children in which they can develop at their own pace become independent personalities.

Infants are strongly tied to their closest caregivers therefore we take great care to the careful and daily growing relationship of the child and a single caregiver and the gradual introduction of the infants in this group of children. Exploring the outside world is through short walks in the area.
In the daily routine of small children, we place special emphasis on the promotion of creativity, of the natural and cultural understanding and social competence.
 By Music and Dramatic activities, the children learn in a playful way to express their ideas, fantasies, desires and emotions. Experience with walks outdoors, the children learn how to handle and respect nature. In country-specific theme weeks they travel together around the world and make acquaintance with foreign cultures.

The children are accompanied and strengthened in their deeds and actions. The supervisors behave with an awaiting attitude and are merely active monitors and coaches. They avoid unnecessary intervention as possible, to only then turn in the situation when it is appropriate for the children.

Infants and young children have different needs – this is taken into account in our educational work.
The infant is used by a cozy environment and a reference person within the team, gradually to the group life.
The toddler is specifically promoted in his creativity, the natural and cultural understanding, and in his social skills.
In arts activities, country-specific and seasons’ theme weeks, various games for indoors and outdoors, forest walks and adventure trips, children can act creatively, try to discover, change, learn and learn in social interaction.

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