The nursery Frida is run by Priscilla Otazo, an experienced childcare manager. She has several years of experience in educational and administrative responsibilities in this professional field. She has built her first crèche and organized the vocational and educational training on the job of young apprentices after first conceptual planning in 2002. The staff plan follows the guidelines of crèches of the inspection of crèches of the City of Zurich. The privately run Kinderkrippe Frida has been accredited by that bureau as well as by the Bildungsdirektion of the Canton of Zurich and is a member of the Swiss Association of Daycare Insitutions. The educators who are specialized in early childhood education are responsible and are supported by interns or apprentices. These form the daily team of childrens’ caregivers. Each group consists of 11 children and infants respectivley of 6 infants. The parents have daily short and longterm developmental informations from the educators. The owner and her staff meet regularly for team meetings. The team discusses daily organizational and educational issues to reach excellence. Communication is the valuable basis to bring every person’s attitude and values to bloom in the cooperative educational work. One-by-one meetings bring up the development of staff. Professional development is driven by organizational needs.

Priscilla Otazo

Priscilla OtazoManager (Master of Educational Sciences, Teacher in Vocational Training and Education) Priscilla Otazo Frida has founded the Kinderkrippe Frida in 2009 with friends after the completion of University studies (Educational Sciences, Sociology and Chinese Studies , University of Zurich and China). It was when in the canton of Zurich, there was a shortage of nursery places. During her studies she was crucial in the founding of a crèche in Kloten (ZH), which was opened in 2005, and has worked there from 2006 to 2008 as Director of Education and trainer of Vocational Education and Training. From 2002 to 2009 she worked as a University assistant in teachers’ education, and since 2005 as a general education teacher at a vocational school in Zurich. 2012, she has completed her Master of Advanced Studies in training as vocational school Teacher in General education and currently teaches building career professionals in vocational training and education. As head of the nursery Frida she has close to her heart, that children can learn the basics for the active participation of a strong society, both socially and economically, in the interaction. This motivation she brings to the management of the nursery Frida. The care in the professionally managed group of Kinderkrippe Frida is appropriate to the childrens’ age and implemented in accordance with the family and professional demands.

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